Drones for Delivery

Anyone can buy a drone.

Anyone can fly a drone (technically).

Not anyone can use drones for delivery.

There are many cases where drones can be useful in society. From delivering your shopping, to bringing you a rental outfit for

the evening.

From transporting blood to a patient, to ensuring a donated organ has a recipient.

What we are aiming for

The Skyfarer System will one day in the near future,

allow for same day delivery to be the new normal.

But first we focus on why we started this - 

We focus on saving lives.

Utilising the biggest benefits of world leading drones which is speed and automation, we begin with a fitting use case, medical delivery.


Our current roadmap is taking us on a flight path destined to support in the transportation of vital medical payloads such as blood, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations

and aseptic equipment.


a world of autonomous Just In Time delivery with no impact on road congestion and no increase in fossil fuel emissions. The kind of delivery that can be carried out by a drone, fast and direct, applicable in any logistical application, from medicine to food, from organs to mobile phones. We have the technology to do this today.

Our solution is not in the clouds but in the sky. We will use the sky for travelling fast and direct with efficient autonomy in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). 

Skyfarer aims to create a just-in-time service that focuses on infrastructure development to one location in order to serve a large radius cost-effectively.

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